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5 Ways that an Executive Coach Can Change Your Life













I have been coaching executives since I graduated from Corporate Coach University in February of 2003. 

Business professionals have been looking toward the guidance of executive coaches more and more in recent years. The desire to improve their own skillsets, either for their own benefit or for the betterment of their company, drives them to make this decision. But how, exactly, can an executive coach improve the way that you live your life and conduct business? Continue reading to see five of the many ways that executive coaching has improved the lives of thousands.

Increase Your Self-Awareness

Most people don’t understand their own behavior and thought patterns as well as they think they do. This is because we see ourselves from the perspective of ourselves, which can differ drastically from how the rest of the world sees us.

An executive coach will assess you to gain an initial impression as well as gather information from others about how you are perceived. This information will then be shared with you, but that’s not all. Your executive coach will teach you how different aspects of your personality, routine and business performance relate to these impressions and impact your career success.

This valuable part of an executive coach’s service will teach you how to view yourself more objectively. This means not being blinded by your own assumptions of yourself and learning how to honestly address where you are weak, as well as strong.







Learn New Skills to Help You Advance

While you were progressing toward a leadership position, it might have been enough to just “keep your head down” and get your work done, all while staying fairly under the radar. But as you achieve positions that put you into a position of greater responsibility and leadership, new skillsets and approaches are required for you to advance.

An executive coach will put into perspective how heavily a leader’s role plays into the successes and failures of their team. You will learn new responses and techniques to help you direct, encourage and motivate others.

Reinforce the Strengths You Possess

While an executive coach will spend a lot of time helping you to address your weaknesses, your strengths are just as important. What you may consider to be “not a big deal,” such as a strong sense of creativity in a business setting, could actually be a significant trait that propels you to the big-time.

Executive coaching helps individuals to gain confidence and understand the worth of their strengths so that they can apply them to the workplace most effectively.

Create Stronger Relationships with Others

All too often, business leaders prefer to interact and create important relationships with those who think, speak and look like them. This is incredibly limiting, but also incredibly commonplace. An executive coach helps their client to work against their internal biases to understand how much information is lost when we don’t pay enough attention to those unlike ourselves.

By helping you tackle your biases and assumptions of others, an executive coach will make you a more effective leader, as well as a person who is more open-minded to ideas from differing perspectives.

Executive coaching only works well when the coach is invested in your success. The efficacy of coaching also relies on your ability to accept the critique of others and “being coachable.” Those who are willing to learn more about themselves, the people around them, and how everyone fits into their business will achieve the results that drive them toward success.

If your career is stalling or you can’t shake the nagging feeling that you could be doing something better, consult the expertise of an executive coach.

Call Executive Coach Dr. Clare Albright at (949) 454-0996.

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